I wanted a warm layer Ruby could throw on over a dress that looked a bit dressy.

Plaid is very in for fall, as is the poncho trend. I found a couple of ponchos online (below) including the Stella McCartney Kids Florence Girls Plaid Poncho on the left that retails for over $200 (WOW)!) and the Target poncho on the right, that retails for $29.99 (better). But after looking at the simplicity of the shape, I decided I would try to make my own.

My sewing skills are rudimentary at best. I can sew a seriously good straight line and that about sums it up. However, I am always up for a challenge, so this weeks project is a little plaid poncho. I picked up some lovely red plaid fleece for a $6.00/yd and I was all set to get started.

-    1 yard (45 width) fleece or (60 width for larger children)
-   matching thread
-     sewing machine
-     scissors

1.    Fold your fabric in half and cut a half circle, as shown in the illustration below. I used one of Ruby's long-sleeve shirts as a guide of how wide the circle needed to be. Then I used half of that length to mark the center and two more points to create my circle. After cutting, open up your fabric and you should have a perfect circle.
2.   Mark the center of your fabric and cut a head opening.
3.   Fold the circumference of the neckline once and pin. Cut small notches along the curve so the hem lays flat. Stitch the neckline.
5.   Fold the bottom hem and pin. Again cut small notches if your fabric isn't laying flat. Stitch the hem.
6.   Fold the circle in half and sew a line under each arm to create arm channels.
7.   Next, I cut out two squares. I stitched a seam on one edge of the pocket for the opening, flipped it over, folded under the other three sides and pinned it onto the poncho. Next, I top-stitched the pocket to attach it to the cloak.
8.    Lastly, press your seams and you are done.

Ruby said it is like wearing a blanket, nice and cozy, and slightly more fashionable than a snuggie.

Now we can all get out and enjoy fall before it is gone!

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