My brother-in-law, Nick, and his wife are having a baby and I am so excited!

I have know Nick since he was eight-years-old. Now, Nick is all grown up and he is having a baby girl in early December, which meant I had to get to work on a special piece of art for the little one.

Decorating a nursery can be overwhelming and artwork is just one piece of all the choices to be made. I recently helped the expectant mom gather ideas for the nursery by putting together what I call a "virtual room board." This is a digital file I create each time I decorate a new room. It is a great way to see how all the elements will come together in shape, color and texture before you commit to purchasing.

First, I started with a big gray background since that was the wall color in the nursery. Then I layered on a photo of the crib they chose and a photo of an antique rocking chair they wanted to use in the room. Then I searched the internet for products that matched their budget and color choices and added the photos to our room board. Mom chose between two different rugs and we narrowed down all the items until we had the finished room board you see below.

I purposely added a piece of typographic art to the room board to see if the expectant family would be open to that type of artwork. I think this quote by Shakespeare is a wonderful statement for a little girl's room so I had my color palette and my idea. Next step was to get painting.

I started by making a large watercolor blob. I let that blob dry and painted another one over the top of the existing one. I repeated this process four times until I got the color built up enough for my taste. I used some bold brush strokes and purposely dripped the paint to create a fun organic shape.

Next, I measured my watercolor shape so I knew how big to make my quote. I chose a beautiful script font and printed out a copy in black ink. Then, I positioned my quote behind my watercolor blob and held the whole thing up to a window so I could trace the letters on top of my painting.

I used white paint to paint in the words on top of the watercolor blob. Then I framed the art in a large white frame and poof I was done, just like that!

I hope this will inspire you to try your hand at creating some typographic art. Don't feel intimidated, you can do it!