I am always looking for fun ways to occupy my kids in the car. Simple paper crafts are a quick and cost effective way for the little ones to keep busy while on a road trip or just heading to the store.

This week our paper craft is good old-fashioned, paper fortune tellers. Remember these from your childhood?? Using my fun printouts and the simple folding instructions you can create three different animal chompers.

The best part of this craft is when you are done with your fortune teller, or you have reached your destination, you can recycle the paper and there isn't one more toy to find a home for.

Here is the badger.

Here is the owl, HOOT, HOOT!

And, here is the blue bulldog.

1. Print out a template.
2. Next, fold the paper in half, corner to corner.
3. Flip your paper image side down and fold the corners up to meet the middle.
4. Flip your paper over again and fold the corners up to meet the middle again.
5. Now, fold the whole thing in half.
6. Lastly, slide your fingers under the corner flaps.

To play:
1. Pick a color of polka-dots and then open and close the mouth to spell out the letters. Such as, R-E-D would be three times opening the fortune teller.
2. Next, choose a number and open and close the fortune teller while you count out the numbers.
3. Repeat step 3 with a new number choice.
4. Lastly, pick a number and open the corresponding flap to reveal a fortune.