Remember the cards we made earlier this year? This week we will make a few more using items you have around the house. When you are done you will have a lovely boxed set to give as a gift. I think it is fun to let kids experience the joy of gift giving during the holidays.


Ruby's sympathy look to go along with the get well card!

-    Get well printable, Be strong printable, Birthday printable
-    cardstock paper
-    glue stick and glue
-    band aids
-    google eyes
-    marker
-    birthday candle
-    yarn or string
-    butter knife or bone folder
-    ruler
-    box with tissue paper
-    ribbon or string

-    printer
-    scissors

1.      Print out the three card templates.
2.     Cut out along the lines.
3.     Use your butter knife or bone folder to create creases on the dotted lines using your ruler.
4.     Fold your cards in half.
5.     Stick on the band aids, glue on eyes and draw mouths.
6.     Glue down chest hair yarn
7.     Glue on your birthday candle. Draw lines for light.
8.     Box up your card set.

Have your little artist autograph their work!