This is our last holiday season in Germany so we dressed in our traditional lederhosen and drindl for our Christmas card picture. The photo turned out so great I decided to have a print made for our wall as well. It will serve as a daily reminder of our German adventures.

Living in Germany has been an amazing experience, and with new experiences comes an opportunity for growth. Not only did our whole family grow as we acclimated to life in another culture in that transition we all learned how to better deal with change.

For me change isn't easy. My husband has an amazing ability to bend and roll with the punches, while I end up a hot mess of tears and anger.  Luckily I have the perspective to consider all of the change positive soul building in the end.

As Christmas approaches and 2015 comes to a close I am using that perspective to think about my personal and professional goals for next year. Personally, I set the bar no higher than to survive move number ten, but professionally I have some big expectations.

In the new year, I will still be here, posting, although not with the same frequency, and my focus is going to shift. I feel like my brain is always juggling ideas and at times I feel panicked to move on to the next idea. I thought this blog would be the perfect place to contain and express all of that craziness. However, the focus I have placed on creating a weekly project for my readers is taking time away from my own creations in a way I didn't expect.

I hope to see you here and on Instagram where I will take a more visual approach to cataloging my artistic pursuits.

I wish all of you a blessed holiday season and a new year full of peace.