Some people are really hard to buy for. One really has to get creative to come up with an idea. We have one such person on our list this year and we decided to do something really fun.

This person happens to be a chocolate lover (who isn't) so we went out and bought 365 fabulous German Ritter Sport chocolates and wrapped each one in a quote, fortune, bible verse, knock-knock joke, one-liner or picture. The recipient will have a year full of tasty treats and hopefully think of us each time they read a note.

This craft can be done with any type of candy or small item. On one side of the paper we printed black dots to make the end product a little more playful. On the other side we printed out our notes. Next, we wrapped the notes around the chocolate and secured it with a piece of tape. Time consuming but simple!

I was going to share my list of sayings with you but because there are 365, not all of them are politically correct or tasteful! Email me if you are desperate and I will share the file with a disclaimer and a promise not to judge me.

Ruby chipped in by drawing a picture which we cut into pieces that can be put back together like a puzzle.