This summer we had the amazing opportunity to travel to Greece. Another bucket list item checked off!!!

It was truly the most beautiful place I have ever been! I don't say that lightly. I think the beauty was in the contrast of the crisp white buildings and the deep blue ocean, and also the contrast of the clean minimalist structures against the mountainous organic cliffs. I can't wait to go back.

For my kids the memories of Greece are not the vast beauty of the surroundings, it is the donkeys.

Oia, Greece sits at the top of a mountain and to get back down to our boat we decided to take a donkey ride. Fun for kids, right? Our donkey trip included lost shoes, tears, bloody elbows and quite a few bruises, but I will spare you the details, and tell you instead about the craft inspired by our harrowing experience. Art is therapeutic after all. : )

I decided to make this craft at Christmas time because of the donkey in the Christmas story. We filled our donkeys' saddles with coins and money to donate to Heifer International. Although they don't have donkeys in their gift catalog, Heifer makes it possible to give the gift of an animal to a family in need. Animal donations can provide families a hand up, increasing access to medicine, school, food and a sustainable livelihood.

Here's to creating happy donkey memories across the world!!

-    Free donkey printable and saddle printable
-    cardstock paper (we used brown and tan)
-    glue
-    markers and/or paint
-    brush
-    butter knife or bone folder
-    ruler

-    printer
-    scissors
-    stapler

1.      Print out the donkey printable and the saddle printable.
2.     Cut out along the lines.
3.     Use your butter knife or bone folder to create creases on the dotted lines using your ruler.
4.     Fold the donkey.
5.     Glue feet pieces together and glue head piece onto the legs.
6.     Cut out the saddle bag piece. Crease on the dotted lines.
7.      Fold up the sides and staple along the edge.
8.     Decorate your saddle bags and place on the donkey's back.