I believe everyone has a creative side. For some it's easy to let out, but others not so much. Creating something and making art is an expression of oneself and can be healing, just like writing in a journal. Yet for some reason our society tends to encourage only children to sit down and draw or paint. if your friend invited you over to draw together, you would probably think he or she was nuts.

These days, a more socially acceptable way to get your paint on is through the mix of painting and wine drinking. People are having a blast and I don’t think it is just the wine. Making art takes us back to childhood—where we were free to try things without  fearing the result.

I invite you to fear no more. The wee ones in your life will love it when you join in their creativity. Start small. Print out this free page of watercolor blobs and start doodling. It’s fun. You’ll see. Check out ours above. Don't you love Ruby's cat?!