Ruby and I love to make gifts for people. It is something I grew up doing and it brings me joy to share this tradition with my daughter. Being on the receiving end of a homemade gift isn't so bad either!

For this project start by having your child draw a group of similar objects. We chose vegetables.

1. Ruby drew six vegetables and wrote the names under them.

2. Then I scanned the images into the computer (you could take photos of the drawings as an alternative).

3. Next, I combined the images into one image file and took out the background since it wasn't completely white. I used Photoshop but you could use something like Word or PowerPoint (I've linked to a tutorial on how to do this if you are new to the process) to remove the background and place all the objects on one page.

4. Lastly, I created a jpeg of the file (another tutorial if using Word).

5. Now it's time to head over to the website Spoonflower and follow the upload directions. This fabulous site allows you to size and repeat your image pattern as you apply it to a selected fabric. I chose "Kona Cotton" because the texture makes for a great dish towel. Once you've sized and placed your pattern, hit order and wait for the mail person to do his/her part.

6. When the fabric arrives cut out the dishtowels, allowing a little extra for seams.

7. Fold over the edges twice and iron the edges to make them easier to sew.

8. Sew with a straight stitch to finish the edges

9. Iron again.

10. Packaging is the final step. It is really exciting to see the whole project come together. I have included the printable file for the wrapper we used. Print it out, fold up the towels and tape the paper label in the back. Voilá.

I placed my dishtowel design horizontally, stacking two towels, one on top of the other. This allowed me to fit six dishtowels on two yards of fabric.