We've had the opportunity to travel to exciting places while living in Europe. After a weekend trip to France I was inspired to make some little boxes to give souvenir French macarons to our friends. I think the extra touch of water coloring these bébés makes them look trés chic!

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-    free Ooh lá lá download
-    medium weight watercolor paper
-    brush
-    water dish
-    paper towels
-    roller tape
-    watercolor paints (we used a kids palette)
-     printer
-     x-acto knife
-     cutting mat
-     ruler
-     scoring tool or butter knife
-     scissors

1.    Cut your watercolor paper to 8.5” x 11”.
2.   Lightly watercolor a wash across your paper. Let your kiddos help. Use lots of paint! (Your paper may curl as it drys. Flatten the painted paper under a book so it will feed through your printer.)
3.   Once the paper is dry and flattened, open the pdf and print the template onto your paper.
4.   Cut out the box.    
5.   Score the box on the dotted lines with the butter knife.
6.   Fold the sides together and use your tape roller to secure.
7.    Fill with treats and seal. Voilá.