I think it's important to send thank you notes. But man, they take time and effort to write.

We recently celebrated Gus's third birthday and our wonderful friends and family sent him every size and shape of firetruck that exists.

To say thank you, I wanted to give them something more personal than the good-old-store-bought-variety-thank-you-card. Everyone loves a recent photo of the wee ones, so I designed two different stickers to turn a picture into a thank you note.

To make your personalized thank-you-photos, choose or take a photo that has space at the bottom or empty space to the right of the subject's head. Next, make a few prints at your local photo center. Then print these cool stickers on your standard office variety mailing labels, and you are all set. The sticker creates a writable surface if you want to add a name or a short note.

Check...thank you notes done.

-    3 1/3" x 4" shipping labels
-    4" x 6" photo prints
-     printer
-     scissors

1.    Get prints made at your local photo center or order online.
2.   Open the thought bubble sticker sheet or the bottom bar sticker sheet pdf.
3.   Insert your label sheet into your printer and print.
4.   Cut out the stickers.
5.   Apply to your photo.
6.   Insert into envelopes and mail off.

Paper Source is one of my favorite sources for envelopes. The A6 size found under the Card & Envelope tab, is nice with the standard 4" x 6" photo prints. Best part is the envelopes come in 43 colors!