For this weeks craft I created paper sugar skulls for Halloween, inspired by my mom.

My mom, Bonnie, is a retired art teacher. She is part Martha Stewart, part MacGyver. She can create anything, out of what seems like nothing. Like a magician, she mesmerizes Ruby and Gus by starting with a piece of paper and ending with a dragon, complete with a three-dimensional body, scales, sparkling eyes and fire billowing from the mouth. My mom can build things out of wood, she can weld, she can weave soda cans together and make a sculpture worthy of an art museum. She can even take a paper egg carton and grind it up with a blender and turn it into Santa Claus. My mom never ceases to amaze me with her creativity. 

Bonnie's Artful Fun is my mom's etsy shop where her creativity is on full display. She sells beautiful handmade ornaments made of repurposed wool. Aren't they great?? Her Day of the Dead sugar skulls would be a great addition to anyone's Halloween decorations. They make wonderful gifts too!

To create your own paper version of the skulls, first choose one of two pdf files to download. You can print out a black and white version here to let your kids color and decorate, or you can print the fully colored version here. After you have printed out your file, cut out the skull, and punch holes with a hole punch along the edge in the places marked by the circles. Next, color your skull if you chose the black and white version.

For the final step, we added yarn along the edge to look like the stitching on my mom's ornaments.

For smaller children you can run the end of your yarn through glue. Once the glue has dried you will have a hard "needle" that is safe for small hands and helps with the lacing of the yarn.

I hope you will check out my mom's website and create a few fun skulls of your own! See you next week!