The cottage below is where we stayed for half of our Ireland trip. It was an Airbnb rental. Have you tried Airbnb? It was incredible on the outside, with a 180 degree view of the sea. However, the inside could have used a little TLC. Overall, it wasn't the greatest place we've stayed, but we sure did enjoy the stone fireplace on the chilly nights.

Ireland is lush, green and amazingly pastoral; just as I had imagined. It was one of my life-long dreams to visit Ireland and, this past May, we finally made the trip.

We enjoyed strolling through the small towns, shopping for thick warm woolen goods, and drinking our share of Guiness. For me the takeaway memory was the amazing food. I was surprised by the incredible fish and chips, the soda bread and jam and, really, everything I ate. My mouth is watering while I type. MMmmmm.

The takeaway for the kids was most definitely the sheep. There were sheep EVERYWHERE. We saw fluffy sheep, horned sheep, black sheep, white sheep, and more. While the memories from this amazing trip are still sharp, we decided to make a few sheep of our own.

All you need for this fun DIY is a few cloths pins (I picked mine up at the grocery store for $1.67), markers, and our handy printable. We added some woolen yarn for fun, but markers or stickers will dress up these little critters too.

For added fun sing a nice rendition of Mary Had a Little Lamb while you craft! Cue the eye-roll from Ruby. . . Till next time!


-    card stock

-    clothes pins

-    glue

-    sheep printable

-    markers

-    OPTIONAL: yarn, wool (ours is from, stickers

-     printer

-     scissors



1.    Open the sheep printable and print on cardstock.

2.   Cut out the sheep.

3.   Decorate the clothes pins.

4.   Wrap body with yarn or decorate with markers.

5.   Attach the legs.

6.   Glue the head on top of the yarn or wool if using.

7.    Play with your little critters!