The above photo is of my oil painting palette. I love the colors all swirled together, the texture and the fat lumps of shiny paint. I am a mess when I'm painting. It's not unusual for my family to point out the various colors I have smeared across my face. I am energized by abstract art and I am thrilled by watercolor paint dripping off my paper.

While these feelings describe my artistic "messiness," I 'm a bit of a control freak in other areas of my life. I'm an over planner and I hate surprises. I want everything in balance and my house to be neat and tidy.

I feel like my creativity is so intrinsic to whom I am as a person and that it should show outwardly. However, I wear mostly black, have a non-daring haircut, and bare nails. I tried going blonde once, but after six days I went back to my usual brown. I always consider getting a tattoo, though I can't seem to settle on a design. I probably wouldn't go through with it anyways.

Perhaps someday I will resolve the dichotomy that seems to exist within me. Maybe. In the meantime, the two parts of my personality inspired this project. Download this page to try a fun exercise of drawing with your non-dominant hand. Ruby and I did it together and we giggled the whole time.