Marty's birthday fell on a Thursday this year. I hated to wait until the weekend to celebrate so the kids and I set to making a plan for a little mid-week party. We created birthday card ideas, decided on the best cake to bake, and planned our decorations.

For our birthday cards we wanted something creative and fun. We decided on pop-up cards, because, well, who doesn't think a pop-up is fun! Making the card is pretty straight forward; but folding them is a little tricky. Follow the photos and you should be all popped up in no time. The templates below have different birthday wishes for you to choose from, two for the front and two for the inside.

-    free card templates; bestgiftout.pdf, dressinside.pdf, mugout.pdf, shortsinside.pdf
-    cardstock
-    glue
-    photo of your child
-    crayons, markers, or colored pencils
-     printer
-     ruler
-     scoring tool or butter knife
-     scissors

1.    Download templates and print the outside of the card first using the birthday card template pdf and paying close attention to which way your printer feeds.
2.   Then flip your paper over and print the inside card pdf on the other side of the paper. Some printers vary a bit on alignment so you may need to practice a few times on scratch paper to get your card to line up perfectly. I had to not only flip my paper over but I also had to rotate it 180 degrees.
3.   Score your card to get a nice fold. This can be done with a ruler and a butter knife before you cut out your card. You will notice on the template pdf I marked little dots for the center of the card to use as guidance for your score line.

4.   Cut out along the doted line and fold in half.   
5.   Now comes the tricky part. Your goal is to create little triangular folds from the edge of the arm bar into the center fold. I found the easiest way to do this was to fold the bar over to align it with the other side of the card and then crease. After doing this in both directions you should be all set to repeat the folding on the other arm side of the card.
6.   Next, glue on your child's cut out head.
7.    Let your wee one color away and your pop-up card is done.

I thought about letting the kids color them before I created the pop-up and glued on the head but they really liked playing with "themselves" and opening the card to see the pop-up hug.