I have exciting news to share. Weedoodle was featured in a double page spread in the August issue of Platform Magazine! Check it out!

On that note, I love magazines!  At one point I think I had 20 subscriptions. When I finish reading and pouring over the photos, I try to pass them on for someone else to enjoy. However, sadly, they usually wind up in the recycling bin.

This week's project gives them new use. We use old magazines (at least a tiny part) as material to create fun greeting cards.

My daughter really enjoyed this craft. She had fun searching through the magazines and finding parts to cut out. It was sort of like a treasure hunt. She did, however, get a bit distracted. I noticed, in addition to eyes and smiles, she cut out quite a few dogs and sparkly dresses.

If you don't have any old magazines check your local library. Our library gives away old copies of all sorts of periodicals.

And, if you are wondering what to do with all of these cards you’ve been making . . . just hold onto them; in the next few months, we’ll be creating a complete set to give as Christmas gifts.

-    free card templates; iloveyou.pdf and smile.pdf
-    cardstock
-    magazines
-    glue stick
-     printer
-     ruler
-     scoring tool or butter knife
-     scissors

1.    Print the card template onto your paper.
2.   Cut out the card.
3.   Score the card with your ruler and butter knife to create a clean fold.
4.   Fold the card.
5.   Cut out smiles or eyes.
6.   Glue down your cut out face parts ; ).

I buy all my envelopes from Paper Source. I love the huge assortment of colors and sizes. For this craft I am using the A6 size in red and gravel.