My husband is active duty Air Force, an organization know for pomp and circumstance and tradition. A whole section of my husbands closet houses uniforms of different styles, medals, coins, ribbons and patches used for military ceremonies. Throughout the year there are many of these functions we attend as an Air Force family. I will admit, I am not always an willing participant, but one I DO get excited for is the good ole' Air Force Ball.

I love to get dressed up and have a night of dancing. The special nights we put our fancy duds and do something out of the ordinary seem to stand out in a lifetime of memories.

This year my husband volunteered to be on the Air Force Ball Committee. Which means he essentially volunteered ME to do the logo, invitations, program, and help with the decorations. ; ) I will take it as a compliment he wants to share my creativity with the world. Ha. So this week my craft time was dedicated entirely to creating pieces for the ball.

To highlight the ball's theme, Showcasing Air Power, we chose to use hundreds of paper airplanes. This was a low-cost yet high-impact option that just required a little time and folding effort. Unfortunately, I am not cool enough to fold a perfect replica of a C130 or F22, but the standard paper airplane managed to create a pretty cool effect. We hung over 200 from the ceiling on fish line and we placed a smaller version on sticks in each floral arrangement.

Below you will find links to some cool paper airplane tutorials. My kids enjoyed seeing how each of the different models flew.

A big thanks to Michelle at Grinnin' B Photography for the awesome shots of our work in progress.

I usually rent a dress from for events like this but living in Germany made that a little tricky. I chose a dress instead from because of the fast shipping and the wonderful customer service in the event the dress didn't fit. It was beautiful in person with all of the beads and true to size so it worked out great for me.

Fold N Fly is a great source for paper airplane tutorials. We used their basic dart model for most of the decorations. Amazing Paper Airplanes has a fighter plane that resembles the real thing. And of course, YouTube has some nice tutorials, especially this one.