This week we are going to paint watercolor jellyfish. This project doesn't have a print out because you don't need one to succeed.

A brief note about what I mean when I say "succeed." I use this word very loosely. I don't believe there is a right or wrong way of doing art. As long as you enjoy the process it is technically a win.

I feel a hesitation for adults doing art is that they think the end product needs to look realistically like the subject. With that in mind, my goal with this project, is to help you take a step into painting by creating a piece of art that is recognizable and yet impressionistic and artistic.

While doing this project kids really enjoy watching the watercolor drip down the paper and spattering the paint to create bubbles. Let them be free and artistic and make sure you join in the fun. This craft is a bit messy but you just need a wet rag to wipe up all the spills and splatters with watercolor paints.

Follow the simple directions below to create your own underwater world of colorful fish.

-    watercolor paper
-    brush
-    water dish
-    paper towels
-    watercolor paints (any will do)

1.    Start by making an organic shaped oval with your paints. Use lots of water, these creatures live in water. Let the paint swirl around with the water. Enjoy watching the colors mix together. Leave some areas with less paint coverage and some with more.
2.   While the oval of paint is still wet add another color if you would like and then add little dabs along the bottom edge as guider lines for your tentacles.
3.   Now tip your paper up and let the water and the paint drip down the paper creating "tentacles."
4.   Let the paint dry a bit and add in more color or a darker stroke across the bottom edge of the jellyfish's body to create a little depth. Add in a squiggle coming down from the middle. These are the jellyfish's oral arms. Continue this process adding in detail until you get a look you like. Remember this is just an impression of a jellyfish, we aren't going for realism here.
5.   Let the painting dry. (Some small people have a hard time waiting so let them jump on to the next step if they can't wait.)
6.   Next, put some blue or aqua on your brush and give it a flick towards the paper creating a spatter of paint that look like small bubbles. You can also do this by tapping the brush with a finger.

When your painting is fully dry you can frame them and enjoy your little aquarium of jellyfish.