I love to encourage Ruby and Gus to do artwork. I found one of the best forms of encouragement is to display their creations around the house. It makes them both feel proud.

These great IKEA frames allow you to remove the glass (actually plexiglass) from the front so it is easy to change out the artwork on a regular basis; creating a gallery for kids' artwork. Unfortunately at this time, they only seem to be available in Europe. Amazon carries some lovely frames for the same purpose you can find here.

For this week's project I created a popsicle printable. I REALLY hope you will get out your own paint brush and try this one with the kids. It is so simple you can't go wrong. Notice the very fine gray line above the stick. Just fill it in with watercolor and you’re done. Have fun mixing colors and imagining the popsicles are a yummy blend all different fruit. Every design turns out deliciously beautiful!!

-    free popsicle template
-    medium weight watercolor paper cut to 8.5" x 11"
-    brush
-    water dish
-    paper towels
-    watercolor paints (we used a kids palette)
-     printer

1.    Open the popsicle pdf and print the template onto your paper.
2.   Watercolor your masterpiece.
3.   Display and receive compliments.

For visual inspiration I also included some eye-catching and delicious looking popsicle photos. And if you feel inspired to make edible treats, just follow the credit links at the bottom for the recipes.

Gus thought it would be fun to paint on his arms too.