My husband and I got married fourteen years ago today! I don't know where time has gone. I feel like it was just yesterday.

This year our anniversary falls on a Monday, and we just returned home yesterday, from a week long cruise to Greece, so we are keeping it simple for today's celebration.

Still wanting to honor the special day, I decided to make a giant anniversary card because I was short on gift ideas.

This craft incorporates gold leafing which is really fun to use. It has a really big impact without a lot of effort.

-    free card template
-    cardstock
-    2 brushes
-    water dish
-    elmer's glue all (elmer's school glue doesn't work very well)
-    washi tape
-    envelope (I used a Paper Source presentation envelope size 9"x12")
-     printer

1.    Print the card on your cardstock.
2.   Paint a light layer of glue over some of your letters. Work in chunks.
3.   While the glue is still wet, lay a piece of the gold leafing over the painted letters.
4.   Wait awhile until the glue dries. Gently brush away the excess gold leaf with the dry clean brush.  
5.   Repeat the process until you get a look you like.
6.   Using washi tape, tape the two pieces of the card together.
7.    Write a lovey dovey message, place the card in the envelope and seal with a kiss!!