Did you survive summer break? Are the kids headed back to school? WHEW!

You know what I mean? ; )

This week we are doing an activity that is a fun lunch box surprise for your kiddos. All you need for this craft is a banana and a toothpick—two things you probably have in your kitchen right now.

The idea is simple; use the toothpick to draw on the banana peel. Any design will work. I chose a Minion from this summer’s movie (apparently Minions love bananas). : )

When designing your banana, push hard enough with your toothpick to leave marks but not so hard as to cut the surface of the peel. Within about 30 minutes to an hour the lines will turn brown and your drawing will emerge. Don't worry the fruit under the peel isn't damaged or bruised.

Ruby was so funny the first time I customized her school lunch banana. She ran to me when I arrived for school pick-up and, with a big smile, thanked me for the funny banana. Her special Minion had caught the attention of the other kids too. More importantly, she ate the banana which most days she could take or leave. Turns out Minion bananas are extra delicious…secret goal accomplished!

Ruby loved the idea so much we spent time creating more fun and extra delicious looking bananas.