Fall has arrived in Germany and that means some sloppy and muddy conditions. Personalize a door mat with this easy tutorial and keep the dirt OUTSIDE!

These also make fabulous housewarming or wedding gifts for those lovebirds who just moved in together.

To make this DIY even better, IKEA carries the mat pictured in my post for only $9.99 which makes the whole project under $20. Score!

-    coir doormat (FYI: Coir is a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconut)
-    masking tape
-    scissors
-    letter or number templates printed out on card stock
-    drop cloth (A vinyl shower curtain from the dollar store works great)
-    spray paint in the color of your choice and clear spray to seal the mat

-    printer

1.    Print out letters or numbers as large as you can.
2.    Cut out your letter or number templates.
3.    Tape them down using good-old-fashioned masking tape.
4.    Now start spraying.
5.    Spray from the top and follow the directions on the can, keeping the can at a
       distance from the mat and coating the mat in light coats.
6.    Let the mat dry before your second coat.
7.    Spray the mat with clear spray.

It is best to do this project in a well vented area such as outdoors but don’t attempt it on a windy day.