Is your bestie having their third or even fourth little one? Make this sweet little onesie for a fun shower or Christmas gift.

-    masking tape
-    fabric paint
-    fabric marker
-    paper towel
-    stencil or cardboard scraps to cut stencil from
-    washed and dried baby onesie

-    stencil brush
-    x-acto knife

1.      Draw a number on cardboard and cut it out to make a stencil.
2.     Use masking tape to wrap the stencil brush to create stability of the bristles.
3.     Put paper towels inside the onesie.
4.     Dab the brush in some paint and then pound the brush in a clean spot to get the extra paint off of the brush.
5.     Use the stencil and make the numbers on the front of the onesie.
6.     Let dry and repeat the process on the back.
7.     Let dry and then decorate your numbers.
8.     Add eyes, hats, # signs, and teeth. Use your imagination.

After you dab your brush in paint stamp off the excess so that only a light layer of paint remains. Too much paint can bleed under the stencil.